Putting S61 Express road Stawiski – Szczuczyn into operation


On 20th July, 2021 GDDKiA released for the drivers another section of dual carriageway S61 expressway, from Kolno interchange to Stawiski interchange (not including the interchange), the construction of which was under the supervision of TPF Sp. z o.o company./p>

The contract on the construction works with Strabag company was signed in November 31, 2017. After the design works and recievement of the decision on project implementation in October 1, 2019, the contractor started the works in the area.

After two years of the construction works in August 9, 2021, another S61 section was released for the drivers. The above section applies constant traffic organization, thanks to which the drivers are able to use freely all the parameters of the expressway.

The carriageways of the section have a concrete paving and two 3,5 m long lanes (plus 2,5 m long emergency runway). They are adjusted to the heaviest traffic (KR7 category) with a capacity of 11,5 tones per axle.

In Kolno – Stawiski section of S61 road there are two rest areas constructed: MOP Górki Zachód and MOP Górki Wschód.

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