Reconstruction of the E65 railroad line Katowice Szopienice Południe - Katowice - Katowice Piotrowice


On June 25, 2024, TPF Sp. z o.o. signed a contract with PKP PLK S.A., the subject of which is "Supervision over the implementation of construction works, preparation of the detailed design, and execution of construction works for the installation of railway traffic control devices, railway telecommunication network devices, and a dynamic passenger information system on the Katowice Szopienice Płd. – Katowice – Katowice Piotrowice section” as part of the project “Works on the main passenger routes (E 30 and E 65) in the Silesian region, Stage I: line E 65 on the section Będzin - Katowice Szopienice Płd. – Katowice – Katowice Piotrowice”.

Project Scope

As part of the modernization of line E65 on the Katowice Szopienice Płd. – Katowice – Katowice Piotrowice section, the following are planned:

  • Construction of two new tracks: From Katowice Szopienice Południowe through Katowice to Katowice Piotrowice, which will allow the separation of regional and long-distance traffic.
  • Increasing line capacity: Enabling a greater number of trains on the line.
  • New stops and modernization of existing ones: Construction of new stops such as Katowice Uniwersytet, Katowice Akademia, Katowice Kokociniec, and modernization of existing stations such as Katowice Zawodzie, Katowice Ligota, Katowice, and stops Katowice Szopienice Południowe and Katowice Brynów to accommodate the needs of persons with reduced mobility.
  • Construction and reconstruction of tracks and the traction network: Construction of 22 km of new tracks, reconstruction of 96 km of tracks, 267 turnouts, and 133 km of the traction network, allowing an increase in passenger train speeds to 160 km/h and freight trains to 120 km/h.
  • Modernization of infrastructure: Modernization of 140 engineering structures, railway-road crossings, and the construction and reconstruction of 21 platforms.

The cost of modernization of this section is about PLN 3.4 billion net.

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