TPF will prepare a study with conceptual elements for the construction of the Szalejów Górne bypass.


On 01.02.2022, the company TPF Sp. z o.o. signed an agreement with the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways to perform the following contract: "Technical-Economic-Environmental Study with elements of the Programme Concept for the task entitled: "Construction of the ring-road of Szalejów Górny in the course of the national road No. 8", together with materials to the decision on environmental conditions.

The initially planned material scope of the investment includes:

  • construction of a bypass around Szalejów Górny between junctions designed within the scope of DK8 extension from Szczytna to Kłodzko, in the design km ca. 28+620 and ca. 31+600, 
  • construction of intersections,
  • construction of exits resulting from the demand in the area,
  • construction of engineering structures,
  • construction of communication links to serve areas adjacent to the designed road,
  • construction of a drainage system for the designed communication system,
  • construction of environmental protection devices and road equipment, technological channels,
  • construction of road traffic safety devices, 
  • construction of target vertical and horizontal road markings,
  • construction of road lighting,
  • securing escarpments,
  • reconstruction of colliding technical infrastructure.

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