Railway line No. 30 Łuków-Parczew

TPF Sp. z o.o. completed a service entitled: Contract management for the design and execution of works for the task entitled: "Works on the railroad line No. 30 Łuków - Lublin Północ, section Łuków-Parczew".

Railroad line No. 30 Łuków - Lublin Północny at the section Łuków - Parczew is located in Łuków and Radzyń Podlaski counties in the territory of Łuków, Ulan-Majorat, Radzyń Podlaski, Wohyń, Milanów, Parczew municipalities. It is a secondary single-track unelectrified line. Bezwola – Lublin Północny section from km 34,120 to km 107,723 is a rail line of national importance. After the upgrade 30 Łuków – Parczew line is used as substitute line during the investment project POIiŚ 2014-2020 called The works on 7 Warszawa Wschodnia Osobowa – Dorohusk rail line in the section Otwock- Dęblin – Lublin, Stage I. The section is of 50,768 km length.

Within the upgrading works aiming at adjustment of the existing line no.30 to the diversion route function, corresponding operating parameters were achieved, i.e. achievement of maximum speed of the passenger (120 km/ h) and cargo trains (about 80km/h). The upgrade concerned the section from km 1,811 to km 52,578, including routes and stations: Łuków - Radzyń Podlaski route; Radzyń Podlaski station; Radzyń Podlaski – Bezwola route; station Bezwola; Bezwola – Parczew route.

The scope of the investment task included: track and subgrade pavement; drainage sysytem; level crossings; rail traffic control within revitalization line no.30 and interface between the construction facilities, as well as existing ones at LCS Łuków; lighting of objects; telecommunication (wired and wireless); electric facility systems to 1kV, including powering and EOR facilities.


Investor: PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A.
Location: Masovian Voivodeship, Poland
Service value: PLN 2 mln gross
Implementation period: 03.2017 – 07.2029
Partner: Colas Rail Polska Sp. z o.o.

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